Educational Information

History of the Coton De Tulear

The Coton de Tulear is a rare breed of dog which originates from the island of Madagascar, off the southeast coast of Africa. The breed’s name  comes from “coton”, the French word for cotton, and from “tulear”, a popular port of merchant ships in Madagascar where the dogs were originally found. The texture of a coton’s coat is soft, similar to a wad of cotton wool. The ancestors of today’s Cotons were believed to have been brought to Madagascar in the 16th century by sailors from Spain and Portugal, who carried small dogs of the Bichon type on board their ships to ward off mice and vermin. Some believe that these dogs bred with Bedlington terriers that were already living on the island.  There are a number of legends or tales  involving the survival of Cotons on the island of Madagascar. One story tells of a pair of dogs that swam ashore from a shipwreck - being kept afloat by their luxurious coats. In any case, we know that Coton type dogs have been living in Madagascar for many centuries. In the 17th century, Madagascar became home to the French aristocracy. The royalty embraced Cotons, and before long it was not legal for anyone other than royalty to own one. For this reason, the Coton de Tulear became known as the “Royal Dog of Madagascar.” As a celebration of it’s stature, the Coton was honored on an official postage stamp (left) of the Repoblika Demokratika Malagasy (Madagascar)

Are You Prepared for Dog Ownership?

Coton pups are like little babies. They need and deserve proper care, attention, and love. Are you ready and prepared to accept the responsibility of dog ownership?

If you can’t answer YES to the following questions, you MAY NOT be quite ready for a pup at this time.

  1. Are you ready to take care of your pup’s health, training, behavior, socialization , and quality of life needs?
  2. Do you work very long hours? Will your pup be left alone for long periods of time?
  3. Do you have time and understanding to properly housetrain your pup?
  4. Do you have time to take your pup to “puppy kindergarten class” for proper training in obedience and socialization?
  5. Do you have the time and money to routinely follow up on your dogs health needs with a qualified veterinarian?
  6. Do you have time to walk your dog on a regular basis?


The Importance of Training

An important responsibility of every dog owner is to provide their puppy with education in manners and obedience. This should be done while puppies are young and impressionable. Dogs should develop good habits early on. Bad habits can be hard to break. All puppies should be taught how to sit, lie down, and stay. One recommended way for a pup to learn good manners and social skills is to go to puppy kindergarten class.  Classes can often be found in your local area (dog clubs, etc.) at reasonable prices. But make sure you observe a class in progress before signing up. This way you can evaluate the dog trainer and find one that will make doggie kindergarten an interesting and positive experience.


Knowing this, if you are still ready to own a Coton...

...we are now taking reservations for future litters. If you are interested in one of our puppies, please contact us and read our PUPS FOR SALE section.



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